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FUZE is a programmable computer and electronics workstation powered by the Raspberry Pi (B+), supporting schools in meeting the requirements of the new National Curriculum for computer programming. It links computational thinking and computer programming to controlling physical devices and helps identify how curriculum themes can be practically understood.

FUZZRecommended from Year 5, FUZE is preconfigured with FUZE BASIC which is widely accepted as the easiest programming language to teach and learn.

Designed to be integrated with classroom teaching, the FUZE comes with compliant lesson plans and project cards ensuring all teachers, regardless of their computer programming experience are able to get to grips with the new curriculum.

Ultimately, the FUZE aims to bring together programming and electronics in a fun, motivational and engaging package.

The FUZE is rigid enough to stand up to the rigours of a classroom environment; the casing is made from sheet aluminium, making it extremely robust and secure. It houses the keyboard and shields the Raspberry Pi protecting it from electronic shorting, static and physical damage.

Key NEW features for the FUZE include:

  • Raspberry Pi (B+)
  • Eight USB ports with six available after the mouse and keyboard are connected.
  • A specially designed FUZE general purpose input/output (GPIO) board: protects, duplicates and clearly labels the RPi pins. These pins can be programmed to interact in amazing ways with the real world from receiving analogue sensor inputs to controlling LEDs, Joysticks, Robotics, motors and much more.
  • A black (840 socket) solder-less breadboard: companion to the I/O board allows simple electronics projects to be developed without the need for a soldering iron.
  • An interactive electronics component kit: provides jumper wires, resistors, LEDs, micro switches and sensors. An analogue sensor is included to allow programming with variable control, bringing real world applications to the forefront.
  • The FUZE Robot Arm kit: controlled with simple FUZE BASIC commands, the robot performs tasks such as picking an object up and putting it into a container, helping identify how curriculum themes such as inputs, outputs and variables can be practically understood.
  • Teacher support materials pack: lesson plans, teacher training workshops and FUZE self-teach materials help teachers understand the requirements of the new computing curriculum, develop their own understanding of the concepts and practices of computing and ensure they deliver engaging computing lessons. Additional materials and webinars are under development to help teachers incorporate the FUZE for cross-curricular activities including DT, maths and geography.
  • FUZE project cards: offer students guidance in using the FUZE, encouraging independent learning, enabling students to work at their own pace or in groups.

Combining electronics with programming, the FUZE allows teachers to go beyond what they can teach using a traditional computer, while fully utilising the physical aspect of the Raspberry Pi, making the programming experience interactive and exciting, and therefore motivating for students.