Atmos believe there is a fine balance between 'out of the box' product functionality and ease of use solutions for our customers.

We have developed a range of cloud based products that can fully integrate with other systems you are already familiar with. Our product sets are completely modular and can be used both independently and together to fully meet your exact requirements.

atmos-365-logo-280Atmos 365 - Overview

We have 2 core platforms that are based on Microsoft SharePoint and are tailored to both the education sector and SME’s. Atmos 365 and Atmos 365 for education.

Additionally we provide consultancy and software developer to education and SME’s to ensure that the end product is fit for purpose.

Drawing on an enviable depth of experience in the UK and abroad, Atmos Technology are able to help you deliver your IT vision, creating systems that can be used both internally and to collaborate with your outside organisations, customer and partners. If you know you need something different from IT but don’t know what then Atmos Technology are the people to help.

Consultancy and workshops

We offer a range of consultancy services and workshops designed to gather existing ideas that will contribute towards a robust business plan. These services gather your important requirements which are then mapped in to key milestones and built into the overall programme plan.

Programme Management, Development and Implementation

Implementation strategy and planning can be carried out at either a high level or in detail to clearly articulate the programme of work to support the achievement of your objectives and business strategy. By using our software development channel we are able to support our customers looking for anything from configuration and implementation of commercial off the shelf products, through to new solution design requiring custom application development. This will be followed up by a delivery consultant who will deploy the solution within the project time scales and work with you to migrate existing services in the new solution.

Typical services include:

  • Solution design
  • Solution Development
  • Solution Testing
  • Implementation and Deployment
  • Post implementation support
  • Technical and End User training

Support and training

We offer a range of managed service and support options to ensure that once the solution is in place, it can carry on being used to its full potential. We offer services that can offer a level of support if you have experience on site or we can fully manage your deployment and make changes for you as and when your organisation makes a change. Additionally we provide end user training to ensure all your staff can fully benefit from the new solution.

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